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The increasing demand for Yii development services among businesses is driven by their capacity to produce high-quality website designs that excel in performance. Positioned as the premier Yii development company in India, 9imedia serves as the ultimate destination for web development solutions built on the Yii framework. Our proficient experts channel their creative skills and efforts into crafting exceptional applications and services utilizing the Yii framework.

Within 9imedia, our skilled developers undergo specialized training in website development utilizing the YII platform, placing paramount emphasis on security and scalability. Our services are not only top-notch but also competitively priced, rendering them an excellent choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. We assure guaranteed results that align perfectly with their budget constraints.
Our team strongly suggests YII website development for our clients in building their websites for the following reasons.
Outstanding Performance: YII is renowned for its exceptional performance and efficiency. It boasts a built-in caching system that accelerates page loading times and diminishes server strain. This attribute renders it exceptionally well-suited for managing high-traffic websites and resource-intensive applications.
Robust Security: YII incorporates robust security features designed to shield against prevalent web vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks. Furthermore, it furnishes built-in authentication and authorization controls, simplifying the creation of secure user management systems.
MVC Architecture: YII adheres to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, which fosters systematic code organization and reusability. This enhances codebase maintenance, facilitates updates, and promotes seamless collaboration with fellow developers.
Efficient Code Generation: YII supplies potent code generation tools that substantially reduce development time. It includes a built-in command-line utility named Gii, which automates the generation of code for models, controllers, forms, and CRUD operations based on database schemas.
Extension library: YII has a vast library of extensions and modules that can be easily integrated into your application. These extensions add extra functionality and save development time.
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9imedia’s Yii Developers offer excellent Yii Framework Development Services to 50+ clients for their Yii-based websites.
We have extensive experience with Yii Framework development and have a large team of Yii developers and consultants on staff. As a result, YII developers can be selected according to the requirements of our clients at affordable prices.
Our expertise in YII web development
The YII framework is one of the best and fastest PHP frameworks available in terms of its performance. Our expert and dedicated YII website developers collaborate their knowledge and skills in developing powerful applications with easy, secure, and testable interfaces. We stop with YII website development and offer a full cycle of YII framework development services for our clients to help them with their business success.
YII website development and customization
YII (Yes It Is) is a high-performance PHP framework commonly used for web development. It follows the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern and provides various features to speed up development.
Our team at 9imedia is an expert in creating web applications or websites using the YII framework. We harness the network's capabilities for creating models, views, and controllers to handle the business logic, user interface, and user interactions. We use the built-in security features, database integration, template engines, and caching mechanisms of the YII website development platform to create stunning websites for our clients to attract their future leads.
YII Third-Party App Integrations
YII is a powerful PHP framework allowing seamless integration with third-party applications. The YII third-party app integrations that our experts at 9imedia perform for our clients are, Payment gateway integrations - Our experts will easily integrate popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree with our client’s website. This will help our clients process payments, handle subscriptions, and manage refunds.
Social media integrations: Our experts will integrate popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with the website to help businesses publish posts and retrieve data from social media APIs.
Email service integrations: By establishing integrations with popular email services, we help our clients send emails, create templates, and manage email campaigns easily.
YII CMS Development
Our expert YII developers will use its CMS and other extensions to build strong website architecture. Our team takes advantage of the MVC architecture, the Role-based access controls and the GII code generator of the YII platform to gain control over the CMS and to ensure that the website editors and administrators will also have the same control over the website.
YII Plugin and Extension Development
Our team will use the robust set of features for plugin and extension development to extend the functionality of the YII applications. Our developers create and add ample extensions to add custom functionality to the website application.
YII Theme customization
Customization in YII refers to modifying or extending the framework's functionality to meet specific requirements. Our developers customize various aspects of the framework, such as adding new functionalities, modifying existing functionalities, creating new themes or templates, and integrating with third-party libraries or APIs.
YII Support and maintenance services
Our team also offers continuous and constant YII Support and maintenance services for all the YII web applications. Our support services include assisting and troubleshooting any issues or problems that may arise with the YII framework or the web application built on it. This can include bug fixing, performance optimization, and security updates. Our Maintenance services involve the regular updates and maintenance of the web application to ensure it remains secure, stable, and up to date with the latest technology trends.
Process of YII website development
Being the best YII development company in India, we follow a certain process and procedure religiously while developing the websites on this framework. This helps in the seamless completion of the process and in maintaining goodwill with our clients.
1. Installation and setup: Setting up the YII framework on the server and configuring the database connection.
2. Creating models: Defining the data models and database tables to store and retrieve information.
3. Creating views: Designing the user interface with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using YII's template engine.
4. Writing controllers: Implementing the business logic and handling user requests and interactions.
5. Database integration: Connecting the application to a database and using YII's ActiveRecord to perform CRUD operations.
6. Customizing themes and templates: Modifying the design and layout of the application by creating or customizing YII themes and templates.
7. Adding custom functionalities: Extending the YII framework by adding custom components, widgets, or modules to implement specific features.
8. Integration with third-party libraries or APIs: Integrating external libraries or APIs to enhance the functionality of the website or application.
9. Testing and debugging: Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure the website or application functions as intended.
10. Performance optimization: Optimizing the performance of the website or application by implementing caching mechanisms, minimizing database queries, and optimizing code.
YII Developer in Dubai, UAE
9imedia stands as a world-class IT Company renowned for delivering flawless web development services to clients both locally and globally. As a certified organization, we take pride in our team of skilled developers who meticulously craft robust websites with precision. Our commitment to perfection drives us to utilize various frameworks to construct websites that enable you to attain the recognition you seek within your industry. Among these frameworks, the MVC-based YII platform stands out as a powerful tool for developing a wide spectrum of web applications.
YII, coded in PHP7, represents an object-oriented, full-stack framework enriched with unique and advanced features. Its open-source nature recommends it for the creation of portals, content management systems (CMS), and other extensive web applications. Our adept developers are well-versed in this technology and its implementation. Leveraging YII, we create high-performance, sturdy websites that align with our clients' project requirements and adhere to prevailing industry standards. This unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier work has earned us the distinction of being the premier YII development company in India.

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